Congratulations to Anya on her OFA EXCELLENT hip rating!!!!  On 8/13/2014 I had to say goodbye to Celine. RIP my sweet girl until we meet again.  Run free at the rainbow bridge with your mom, Nikki , & all who have gone before you. 



Welcome to the website of Argent Samoyeds home of superb companion Samoyeds that excell in the performance and breed rings. Presently there are 5 generations of breed champions and multiple performance titled dogs with an emphasis on health, temperament and trainability. Also, all 5 generations have qualified for a CHIC rating (see for further information) stating that they have been tested and cleared of numerous health & hereditary conditions. With few exceptions, Argent will only breed to or offer stud services to dogs/bitches who have obtained a CHIC rating with all normal findings.

Argent Samoyeds strives to produce Samoyeds of excellent breed type, structure and movement who have an "on & off" switch. They can be quiet house pets then perform at high levels in the performance venues. Founded on English stock, American lines possessing similar type and temperaments have been blended to insure that the most desireable traits are produced in each subsequent generation.
All puppies are placed in family settings only with preference given to homes who will bring out the best in each dog be it in the show ring and/or perfomance venues or just as loving companions. Each litter produces puppies with different activity levels as potential agility, obedience or herding prospects, or "couch potatoes" who prefer lounging around the house.
Puppies are infrequent but if you would like to inquire about a future Argent Samoyed email me at: Males are available at limited stud to females who meet the requirements outlined in the Stud Dog Contract which can be viewed on Nemo's page. Only frozen semen available for him.
Also, consider a puppy from one of the present or future litters sired by Nemo on the Litters page. All females bred to Nemo must be a good representative of the breed, free from hereditary problems and possess excellent temperaments, so you can be assured of finding a puppy that will be a great family member in the Argent tradition.


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