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A word about puppies. Without health even the cutest puppy will become a heartache and expense to their owners. There is nothing sadder then seeing one of our beautiful Sammies in pain from hip dysplasia or stumbling around due to blindness. Treating your best friend for some of the hereditary problems can be time consuming & expensive as well as it is heartbreaking to see them suffer. 
There are numerous health checks that can be done to try and minimize the occurrence of health problems in our breed. The better the hip ratings on BOTH parents, the less likely they will produce hip dysplasia. 

We have two genetic tests for our breed, XL-PRA & RD/OSD. Both are available to check breeding stock to see if they have, or are carriers for the genes that produce these two eye problems that lead to blindness in middle age. If all breeding stock was tested and only NORMAL to NORMAL were bred together (not affected or carriers who pass on the genes but won't have the problems themselves as you need both parents to have the "bad" gene" to produce it) we could wipe out these two diseases in a generation. 
Other tests besides OFA hip clearances & yearly CERF eye exams for problems we don't have a genetic test for, that can be done to check the parents for potential health problems they may have or that can be inherited by their puppies are: X-rays to check for 
elbow dysplasia, exam for luxating patellas, basic auscultation of heart sounds to listen for  some cardiac problems & blood test for hereditary thyroid disease.
If clear of these problems the appropriate certifiying organization will assign a number and rating if applicable. You can check what tests have been done and what the outcome was (if done and they did not pass there is an option to not make the results public on the site) for each dog on the site: by typing in the dogs full name or AKC number and searching under Samoyed. On Nemo's page is an example of what you will see including the rating & tests done on his parents and his offspring that have been tested. The designation "CHIC" means that the minimum tests to get this designation were done - hips, yearly eye exams, basic cardiac exam & one of the two genetic tests - XL-PRA. 
Please, support and buy from breeders who test their dogs for more then just hips and eyes.  Those that do have the health and future of our breed as a priority in their breeding programs. Whether you want a show, performance or just a best friend, you deserve as healthy a puppy as possible and only through checking the parents and generations to come can we accomplish this goal. 




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