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Owning a Samoyed was a childhood dream. I obtained my first one (Laika) from an ad in the newspaper. Although I loved him dearly, he was hyperactive & at times a problem to live with. 
This started my search for a Samoyed that had the looks & temperament I wanted.  I obtained a female from predominantly English bloodlines & fell in love with her beautiful type but most importantly her wonderful temperament & willingness to please. She was Suzuki's Miss B Havin', CDX (Minx) bred by the late Pat Kirms of Suzuki Samoyeds.
With her I had the thrill of a lifetime winning my 1st HIT at the Samoyed Club of America National Specialty.   Minx lived to be 16 years old.
Many years later in 1996 when I was able to start over I went in search of another English type female. I was fortunate enough to obtain "Nikki", from Betty Moody of Novaskaya Kennels.  She turned out to be everything and more then I could ask for. Although I lost her in Oct. 2010, she lives on in all the dogs at Argent who inherited her beauty and work ethics. She is sadly missed. Nikki is the dog in the middle of the "Tug-o-War" photo above.
My kennel philosophy is to breed a correct Samoyed of proper type & size.  As I have noticed more and more health & temperament problems showing up in the breed I have made it my mission to put health & temperament as well at the top of my list.  So far through screening of both stud dogs selected and brood bitches who have been bred to my dogs & screening their offspring as much as I am able for genetic problems, I am moving forward in my goal.
I hope to contribute to the breed in generations to come by continuing to breed a line of beautiful dogs that live long & healthy lives as wonderful members of their families.


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